YCIS Unique Bilingual and Co-Cultural Model

YCIS’s unique Co-Teaching model ensures students not only develop fluency in two world languages but gain a deep appreciation of culture and respect for diversity.

Two highly qualified Co-Teachers, one English-speaking and one Chinese-speaking, serve as teaching partners who share responsibilities for the care and education of their students. They plan and work together to provide students with a variety of learning experiences, support students in developing English and Mandarin communication skills, and role-model appreciation and respect for diversity. As a result, an environment is created in which Western and Eastern traditions, perspectives, languages, and cultures are equally valued and celebrated throughout the whole school.

Co-Teaching at YCIS is offered in certain classes according to age and subject suitability. In the Preschool, Co-Teachers provide students with constant support in both English and Mandarin in a fully bilingual environment. Preschool Co-Teachers work together in planning and teaching, preparing progress reports, conferencing with parents and in all aspects of the classroom. From Kindergarten through Grade 5, Co-Teachers collaborate in planning and teaching character education and social studies. Chinese- and English-speaking teachers also support each other in planning and organizing co-curricular bilingual experiences and cultural events.


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