Elementary, Middle School Campus

Our main campus at 310 Easy Street is home to our Elementary (K-5) and Middle School (6-8) programs. The campus houses two separate international schools. The YCIS School Office is situated between the two school courtyards.


The campus facilities include ten classrooms for Grades K-8, a music room, an art room and two additional classroom spaces for small group instruction. A multi-purpose room is used for school assemblies, concerts and whole school gatherings. The Middle School program shares a science/chemistry lab, art room and music room with our neighbor school.

Outdoor play areas include a playground structure, large blacktop area with basketball court, tetherball and ping pong table in the courtyard, bikes and other play equipment, and access to fields for physical education classes and school events such as field day.

Library and Media

The Library houses a growing collection of both fiction and non-fiction books in English and Chinese. Students regularly visit the library to borrow books. Classroom teachers also offer a collection of age-appropriate reading materials in both languages in their classrooms. YCIS subscribes to a variety of digital and other learning resources to enrich student learning, including Scholastic News and web-based programs such as Mathletics, Brainpop, Brainpop Chinese, Raz Kids, Starfall, Discovery Education, Yew Chung’s I Learn Chinese and more. Teachers utilize a number of apps in both English and Chinese on student computers and iPads to support learning.


All classrooms are equipped with interactive Smartboards and Apple TVs. Students in all grades have access to computers and iPads for use in the classroom. With 1:1 Chromebooks in Grades 3 to 5, students create content and access resources to support their learning. Middle school students receive their own Chromebooks for work at school or home.


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