Music Program

An intrinsic part of the YCIS educational journey, music education fosters students’ creative expression while promoting their cognitive and social development.

YCIS Silicon Valley is one of the few schools to begin violin instruction in Kindergarten. The ideal instrument for supporting language acquisition, violin utilizes both sides of the brain and enhances children’s reasoning skills while developing patience, concentration, coordination and discipline. Social skills grow as students learn to play and perform together as a team.

All YCIS Silicon Valley students study violin from Kindergarten through Grade 3 and music theory and appreciation from Grade 4 and up. Students can also join lunchtime choirs, and beginning in Grade 4 may choose to learn a new orchestral instrument such as viola, cello or bass. Beyond the classroom, students take field trips to concerts and musicals to extend their learning.

With two school concerts and opportunities to display their talents out in the community, students gain confidence in performing as well as a deeper appreciation for world music and culture.


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